PLAYYYY BALLLLL!!! Delano and Riverfront Stadium Hidden Gem?

Greetings Wichita!

Incase you didn’t know by now the Wichita State University Wheat Shockers won a baseball game on Saturday. They’ve won plenty of those over the years so you might be asking yourself, whats the significance? Well my friends, they won it at a SOLD OUT Riverfront Stadium!!! For those who might not know Riverfront is a state of the art complex that was erected right on top of the old Lawrence Dumont Stadium and stood in an AMPLE location right in the heart of beautiful Wichita Kansas. Heres the thing, as a real estate professional Delano and Lawrence Dumont stadium was always confusing to me. Its such an awesome location and such a cool district with neat bars and restaurants that have sooo much character yet the big attraction in the area (an old broken down ball field that didn’t provide a good product to watch) had zero draw to it.

Whats different? other than the obvious, which would be the beautiful architectural masterpiece that is the new stadium, the product on the field will be much better, the guys that will be playing are either already making A LOT of money or are on there way to making A LOT of money so thats great. But the MOST IMPORTANT PART is what this does for our city…..IT MAKES DELANO COOL AGAIN!! from the commercial space to the residential space this has automatically made the neat area that it already was even more desirable! Don’t take my word for it? okay well than look no further than the huge investment that is the river vista apartment complex, go a little bit further west and check out the new condos that are being developed just off of Douglas and not to mention some of the most popular casual restaurant bars in the city from picassos pizza to the monarch, and Delano BBQ. As you venture down the road of your home shopping process don’t forget about Delano! There are tons of awesome bungalows and other builds that have so much character that you might just be able to snatch up for a reasonable price before the area completley takes off!

Delano is one of our favorite places to search with our clients and we’ve had multiple clients be on the right side of one heck of a deal especially with how the area is projecting right now. If you’re curious to see what our excitement is about reach out to us at info@wichitarealestategroup.com and lets go tour some of these homes and find the trendy urban sanctuary you deserve!! Happy house hunting Wichita! let us know if we can help!!

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