Selling in a HOT Market! Low Cost High Value Projects

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Its no secret that the current real estate market we’re in is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent history. That being said you might be asking yourself if now is the time that you try to get top dollar for your home! Here at Wichita Real Estate Group we’re all about helping you achieve exactly that. Here is a list of very easy and low cost DIY projects you can do that will have a MAJOR return for you when the offers start pouring in.

-Clean up the yard! sometimes all this takes is just a little sweat equity! are you thinking to yourself “yeah but you have no idea how crummy my yard looks” need not fret my friends! I promise you even just the slightest touch up will go much further than you think, all you need to do is pick up any random debris and or trash that might be out there and just try and give it some type of flow if you have any lawn chairs or anything like that. Some of us on the other hand are LITERALLY yard obsessed! (i know I am) and if thats the case, just keep doing your thing my friends. Fresh mow, trim, and weed wack.

-Door knobs and light fixtures. The focus here guys and gals is UPDATE. Run to your favorite hardware store and pick out whatever the current trend is. Once again your biggest investment here is going to be time for the install however that time investment could legitimately allow you to list and be offered a couple grand extra on the sale of your home and I think we could all get down with that!

-PAINT! I mean who doesn’t kind of into a painting project? Its an easy way to have a little fun, freshen up the look of your house, and most importantly make some extra money. Stick with the “in” colors and slap some coats on the wall and let the return on investment pour in.

-Keep it clean. professionally or DIY just remember, cleanliness counts! Get it done before your showings so your house will have that “awe” effect to those daydreaming buyers envisioning themselves in your space.

-Organize organize organize. Think they won’t open a few closet or pantry doors?…think again! Just make sure everything has a nice organized flow to it, even the stuff behind closed doors and ESPECIALLY the stuff thats out in the open.

-Bathroom re-fresh. Super easy, super cheap. We aint talkin remodel or anything. Remember the light fixture conversation we had? yeah hit those here and hey how bout that time we talked about paint? for some reason our smaller bathrooms seem to be the most dated, in fact, sometimes you even see some wallpaper holding on to dear life in these so that fresh coat just might be a necesicity. Last but not least, if the space permits throw some fresh but not cluttering decor in there.

If your planning on striking while the iron is hot and listing in this market we strongly recommend crossing these few tips off your list. If you have any questions related to the recommendations from this post or any other real estate related questions please reach out to us at info@wichitarealestategroup.com. Happy selling!

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